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Hey Parents, is Your Kid in ICSE BOARD??? Make your kid ready for future Board Exams By Empowering him with Knowledge of BlueJ JAVA. Improve your Kid's score with Videos ,Practice Tests & Mock Exams of Java in ICSE Board. Want to Learn Java With Real Life Examples?

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  • Programming Made Easy
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  • ICSE Board Specific Syllabus
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Introduction To Java and OOPs
1 Lessons 00:20:04 Hours
  • Introduction To Java Preview 00:20:04
  • Laptop and Internet Connectivity
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Introduction to Java

Java is a programming language as well as a platform. Java provides several exciting features that make programming convenient and easier.

It can be used to create various types of computer applications. It is designed to deliver and run highly interactive, dynamic and secure applications on a networked computer system. James Gosling developed Java at Sun Microsystems. There are two types of java programs: Internet applets and Standalone applications. Internet applets are small programs that are embedded in web pages and run on the viewers’ machine in secured manner. Stand alone application is a software application that does not require low level operating system and hardware access.

When Java programs are compiled, they give an intermediated code known as ‘Byte Code’. Java byte code is a machine instruction for a Java processor chip called Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java Platform is a combination of hardware (JVM) and software (Java API’s). The basic structure of Java programs include comments in a program/document section, declaration of class, opening of curly brace ‘{’ to indicate the beginning of class, declaration of main function, opening of curly brace ‘{’ for indicating the beginning of the main function, termination of several statements with semicolon (;) and closing of curly brace ‘}’ for indicating the closing of the main function and class.

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Java & Python Trainer

Myself DD Singh working as a trainer in Infomatics, involved in technical training for the last 16 years and trained lakhs of students. Worked as  a Technical Trainer in multiple companies. Involved in Complete Java Training like Core Java, Advanced Java, Hibernate, Spring etc, Full stack Python Training, Java Certification Training. Owner of youtube channel : DD Singh. Very passionate about learning new technologies.

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